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The Clark County Public Facilities District (PFD) was formed on July 30, 2002. The purpose of the PFD is to fund two projects of regional significance, the Master Plan for the Clark County Fairgrounds (which to date has funded the new Events Center) and the downtown Vancouver Convention Center. As with other PFDs in Washington, the Clark County PFD retains 0.033 percent of the state sales tax that is generated by retail sales within the county to help pay for these two local projects. Because this is a “credit” that is retained by the PFD from the state’s portion of the sales tax, the total sales tax amount paid by consumers is not increased. The retained credit generates approximately $750,000 annually. Of that amount, 97% is dedicated to the Vancouver Convention Center by interlocal agreement.


P.O. Box 5000
Vancouver, WA 98666


Kelly Sills, EDM: 360/397-2232
Fax: 360/397-6058

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